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The Destroyer is the alter-ego of composer and producer Brian Casey, also known as Professor C.  The Destroyer is Mr. Hyde to Professor C's Dr. Jekyll, laying bare all convention with an uncompromising and merciless assault of psychedelic guitars and poly-rhythmic grooves.


After the release of his debut album Ambiguous Keys in 2015, the Destroyer went into a dormant creative state due to his need to spawn, but after 4 years has returned with both offspring and a renewed fervor for rock. He returned with the first single off of his sophomore album American Carnage, "Don the Con" in October of 2020. 


Released on Inauguration Day (1/20/2021) , four years to the day Trump gave his 'American Carnage' speech in front of the US Capitol, American Carnage is a dark album telling the tale of four grim years of true American carnage under the incompetent and corrupt leadership of the Trump administration.  Presented with full "Moving Album Art", the Destroyer invites you to witness his psychedelic representation of this dark era in American history.

Instruments of Destruction

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